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Articles of Interest

In this section we make available copies of inputs to recent sub-branch meetings and a range of other documents which are generally available at the sub-branch.  The aim is to make available as much information as is practicable to those members who may be unable to visit the sub-branch on a regular basis, and to enable those who were present at various activities to revisit points of interest.

National President's Newsletters

A few years ago this sub-branch put forward a motion that, for the good of RSL morale, the RSL’s national level should make its activities much more visible to the membership. Subsequently the National President has been putting out newsletters (whether in response to our initiative, we don’t know).  So below you will find extracts from and links to the National RSL newsletters.  You should bear in mind the open question of whether or not it is better to be inside the tent or outside it - doing you know what.  And if you are going to form a view on this, it shouldn't be until you have viewed the most recent RSL National Video News, which has recently replaced the National RSL Newsletter.

The National RSL web site is at:, there you will find, amongst other things, a link to the most recent Video News, or simply click HERE to go straight to it.

Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO) Submission to Senate, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee Inquiry into Suicide by Veterans and ex-Service Personnel

Click HERE to go to a most interesting document which, amongst other things, provides an excellent insight into all that ADSO stands for.

What Happens to Your Partner When You Die?

The ACT Defence Widows' Support Group (DWSG) provides support to Defence widows and widowers, particularly the newly bereaved. Experience has shown that the same problems seem to surface repeatedly and that forward planning would help relieve some of the burden and distress to your partner when death occurs. Click HERE to go to an excellent article which outlines arrangements which should be put in place now to save your partner grief and effort when the time comes.

Current Defence Force Operations

For those who may not know, you can visit the ADF Web Site and click on any of the Main Menu Headings on the left hand side to access images, videos, and text outlines of the various Operations the Australian Defence Force is currently conducting including Major Exercises. The site contains an enormous amount of information about the three services and is a very useful point of reference.

Making Sub-branch proceedings visible to members

Some members have said they would like more visibility of the matters considered by the committee.  The committee believes that good visibility already exists for members but perhaps you have to know where to look.  So let’s outline the process for members’ information.

The agenda papers given to all members at Monthly General Meetings provide a long list of Inwards Correspondence, some marked with asterisks. The asterisked items are the ones that the committee believes are important to bring to members’ attention.  The others are there for members to say if they want more detail – it’s up to them to scan the list and speak up. The committee’s policy is to include in the list all items that might remotely be of interest to the general meeting so it is quite unlikely that anything that members should know about will be missed out.  And to take the Committee’s policy of maximum visibility even further, the most important items are given further visibility by being highlighted in newsletters and on the web site.

Obviously at its meeting a week ahead of the general meeting, the committee considers an even longer list of correspondence, of which, as above, members see only the most important.  However, if any member really wanted to see everything that the Committee has dealt with, in case they are missing out on something important to them, they should be aware that it is open to any member to attend the sub-branch during office hours and inspect the minutes of committee meetings.

Finally, please note that all of the many newsletters and magazines that we get are listed in the agenda papers every month, with the new ones being highlighted.  They are kept in folders at the back of the room and can be accessed at any time during opening hours.

AGM Reports

The following two important reports were presented at the Sub-branch AGM on 25 February 2016.

President's Report on 2016

Secretary's Report 2016 (Word document)

A summary of the Treasurer's Report may be read in the April 2017 edition of Keeping in Touch


Remembrance Day 2017 Presentations and Prayers

ANZAC Day 2018


For all enquiries, please contact the Sub-branch.

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