Sherwood-Indooroopilly RSL Sub-Branch

President's Report on 2016




Dear Members,

In this my fourth and final report to you as president I wish to reflect on the activities of the Sub-branch in the course of 2016. Firstly I wish to thank all those who have given so freely of their time and energy in the operation of the Sub-branch and helping give effect to the objects of the League. The Secretary’s report sets out the detailed report on the Sub-branch’s activities so my report will be of a more generalized nature.

Welfare and Pensions

The welfare of our serving and ex-service men and women is the very reason for our existence and our Pension and Welfare team are the point of the spear in this respect. I would like to thank our Pension officers, Glenn Mostyn, Mick Rockett, Frank Beattie and Rob Johnson for all their hard work in the last year. Hayley Goss, our Member Support officer has proved to be a popular and efficient performer in that role and continues to communicate to members via our KIT, newsletters and emails. I take this opportunity to thank Hayley for all her hard work in this area. Our newsletters do reach our State Office and they are aware of our efforts.

Our membership sits at 501 members. Many have joined us after having utilised the services of our advocates and our welfare officers. Our work in the Commemorative area also exposes us to a wider audience which assists us in gaining and retaining membership, as do our efforts with our social activities.

The Sub-branch continues to heavily subsidise our services with bus trips, morning teas, and lawn mowing all being supported by Sub-branch funds. I wish to also acknowledge the support of the Brisbane North District who make available to Sub-branches grants through the District Welfare Program. This program is aimed at supporting the Veterans Welfare activities of the District’s Sub-branches. In addition Districts makes available funds to support the Cadets. We are very fortunate to belong to a strong and effective District organisation with a strong sense of co-operation and support evident among the Sub-branches that make up our District.  

The Contact Program  

Ian White and Peter Pattison continue to do a great job in ensuring our members over 80 years of age receive a telephone call at least twice a year to not only say hello but to see how they are going and to see if we can be of any further  assistance. Peter Pattison and Lola Brewer have been active with home visits and Nursing home visits. At the end of 2016 we have returned the Greenslopes bus back to Greenslopes Private Hospital due to their not wishing to maintain the service due to the numbers utilising the service being insufficient to justify the continuance of the program. The provision by State RSL of our Kia vehicle means that we continue with our hospital visits using that vehicle.  


The Drop in Centre


This functions in addition to the Morning Teas, and is an important weekly event which helps members maintain social contact. A thank you to all who provide food for the morning and to the Women’s Auxiliary for their efforts in helping make a success of this vital link in our contact program. I would also like to make a special mention of the Fashion Parade organized by Lola Brewer. It was a great success and I thank Lola and all who participated.


I wish to thank our Providore , Mick Rockett and his team of helpers for their great work throughout the year on our commemorative occasions as well as our happy hours, monthly family BBQ’s and regular meeting nights. This is a most important role and their efforts provide the social glue that hold together a happy and successful Sub-branch.

 Computer Training 

I would like to thank Lola for her co-ordination of the program, and my thanks to Lee Asher and Cedric Tyler for their efforts.


We are fortunate in having such a magnificent library. It is functioning successfully and has a great range of military history and novels. It has expanded its activities to include military DVDs. Peter Pattison, ably assisted by Pauline Thureson who has extensive library experience, has done a great job in continuing to make our library a great asset for our members.

The Home Maintenance Program

The program continues and has been successful in providing rapid limited help to members and also being a source of professional advice to members. We have had to scale back the subsidy slightly and limit it to the over 80’s.

The Memorabilia Display

This is functioning in the hall and has now been expanded to include a display cabinet for medals which are now a great collection. The display continues to attract many donations of military items.


I will not go into detail here as it is contained in the Treasurer’s Report. Thanks to the efforts of the Treasurer Graeme Loughton, our Financial Advisor and the Executive Committee, we have contained our costs and due to our having adopted a defensive posture for our investments, we have managed to not only survive what has been a fairly turbulent period in the markets, but to manage quite well in this area.


 I would like to thank Mike Griffin for all his hard work and assistance with the accounts and day to day work on the book keeping and bill paying aspects of running what is not an insubstantial organisation. Jane Rockett has done a great job in the Administrator’s role and also has kept me focused on the things I need to concentrate on. Thank you Jane for all your efforts throughout the year.


2016 saw a continuance of high numbers attending our Anzac Services. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sherwood Services Club for their assistance in making Anzac Day such a success. I thank Club President, Matt Conway, his committee and Staff, for their great contribution to our Anzac Day Dawn Service. I anticipate that the focus on centenaries, for example 2017 is the Beersheba Centenary, will maintain public interest which should result in continuing strong public support for commemorative activities. Kokoda Day was well supported and our Coral-Balmoral to Tarin Kowt day is another area that we want to see grow, particularly with the participation of our most recent veterans.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the fine efforts of Colin Holbeck and his dedicated band of workers who do such a great job in selling badges and poppies in the week leading up to Anzac Day and Remembrance Day. Their efforts bring in almost 20% of the Sub-branch revenue so I would like to thank Colin and all who assisted in badge and poppy selling.

As I said at the outset, this is my last report as your President. I am standing down as I believe in renewal and I also wish to do some more overseas travel whilst I am still fit enough to enjoy it. I will continue to serve the Sub-branch on the committee and as Delegate to District and State and also as another Sub-branch worker. It has been an honour to serve as your President and I thank you for the privilege of doing so. In conclusion I want to express my thanks to the membership of our Sub-branch for helping to make it the successful and active Sub-branch that it is.


Kevin Alcock