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10 lb Penalty

Dick  Francis

100 Years of the Royal Australian Navy


107th Field Battery

Warren Feakes, Hamilton Lenard and Barry Peace

173rd airborne Brigade


18 Hours

Sandra  Lee

1918 The Year of Victories

Martin Marix Evens

1942 - Australia's Greatest Peril

Bob Worth

2/7 th Australian Cavalry Regt

Regimental Association

200 Shots

Neil McDonald,  Peter  Brune

2194 Days of War WW I I

C  Salmaggi,  A Pallavisini

25 Centuries of Sea Warfare

Jacques Mordal

3 Para

Patrick Bishop

3rd Batalion Royal Australian Regiment Vols 1&2

Patrica Cannard & Monica Sheppars

50 North

Alan Easton

50th Anniversary of WW  II

Ivor Matanle

633 Squadron

Frederick E Smith

90 Minutes at Entebbe

William Stevenson

A Basic Manual of Military Small Arms

W H B Smith

A Bastard of a Place

Peter Brune

A Bright Shining Lie

Neil Sheehan

A Chronology of Aust Armed Forces at War 39 - 45

Bruce Swain

A Cloistered War

Maisie Duncan

A Concice History of Warfare

Montgomery of Alamein

A Doctor's War

Rowley Richards

A Dungaree Digger

Eric A and  Glenn Farne Sang

A Funny Place To Hold a War

John Harris

A Guide to Customs of the  Army


A History of Blitzkrieg

Bryan Perrett

A history of Flight

Richard Todd

A History of Warfare

John  Keegan

A Lot to Fight For

S/Ldr J F Jackson

A N Z A C Memorial


A Nany for Australia

Alun Evans

A Photographic History World War I

Daily Mail

A Photographic History World War II

Daily Mail

A Pictorial History of Australians at War

Robert Nelson, Frank Margan, etc

A Pictorial History of Australians at War

Paul Hamlyn

A Pogo's Perspective

Greg Smith

A Soldier Returns

Terry Burstall

A soldiers Life

John Lee

A thousand Miles of Battles

Ian Jones

A Tribute to the Brave - 1941-45 PNG

Dianne McInnes

A Voyage with an Aust Sailor

Ken Cunningham

About Face

David Hackworth

Aces Wild

George Odgers  RAAF  Veteran

Active Service 1941 - With Australia in the Middle East

Australian War Memorial

Adolf Hitler

John Tpland

Afrika Korps

Maj. K J Macksey

Against All Odds

McAulay, Lex

Air Battle Europe 1939-1945

Time Life

Air Disaster  Vol  3

Macarthur  Job

Air Disaster  Vol  4

Macarthur  Job

Air War in Vietnam

Phil Chinnery

Air Warfare

Ure Smith

Airborne Carpet

Anthony Farrar-Hockley

Aircraft Carrier

Donald Macintyre

Aircraft Carriers

David Jordan

Aircraft Carriers

Anthony Preston

Aircraft of WWII

Bill Gunston

Aitape-Wewak 1944-1945



Iain Gale

Alexander - Child of a Dream

Velerio Massimo Manfredi

Allied Secret Weapons

Brian J Ford

America Takes Over

Edward  Doyle,  Sanuel  Lipsman

American Caesar

William Manchester

America's First Two Years

Billingham, Mrs Anthony

An  ANZAC'S  Story

Bryce  Courtenay  Ed

An Anzac Anthology


An Anzac Story

Bryce Courtenary

An Anzac's Story

Roy Kyle

An Army at Dawn

Rick Atkinson

An Australian Odyssey from Giza to Gallipoli

Garrie Hutchinson

An Irish Nurse in Africa

Brian Ross

And Far From Home

John Balfe

Angels Twenty

Park, Ted

ANZAC  to Amiens

C.E.W. Bean

ANZAC Day The 75th Year

John Healey  Editor

Anzac Fury

Peter Thompson

Anzac Magazine 1916

Maj D A Lane

Anzac Memorial

RSL Sydney


Godfrey McLeod

ANZACS Australians at War


Anzacs in Arkhangel

Michael Challinger

Anzio - The bid for Rome

Christopher Hibbert

Apache Dawn

Damien Lewis

Ark Royal

Beaver, Paul

Armed with Strings

A. Cecil Hampshire

Armoured Fighting Vehicles of the World

Christopher Foss

Artillery Through the Ages

MAJ  P. Stevens  US Army

Artillery through the Ages

Phillip Stevens

As it was

Allan Edge

As You Were 1946

Aust War Memorial

As You Were 1947

Australian War Memorial

As You Were 1948

Australian War Memorial

As You Were 1949

Aust War Memorial

As You Were 1950

Aust War Memorial

Ashes of Vietnam

Stuart Rintoul

At the Front Line

Mark Johnston

Atlas of WWII

John Keegan


The Australian War Museum

Aussie Soldier - Up Close & Personal

Denny Neave


Lionel Wigmore (AWM)

Australia and second World War 1939 - 45

A K  Macdougall

Australia At Arms

Norman Bartlett (AWM)

Australia Centenary History of Defence  Vol 7 Atlas of Aust Wars

John Coates

Australia in the War  1939 - 45   Air  War against Japan 1943 - 45

George Odgers (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45   Medical  Med Svc in RAN, RAAF

Allan s Walker  et al (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Army  Vol  l   To Benghazi

Gavin Long (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Army  Vol  ll   Greece, Crete, Syria

Gavin Long (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Army  Vol  lll  Tobruk, El Alamein

Barton Maughan (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Army  Vol  VII  The Final Campaigns

Gavin Long (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Army  Vol  Vl   The Japanese Thrust

Lionel Wigmore(AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Army  Vol  Vl   The NG Offensives

David Dexter (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Army  Vol V   SW Pacific Area  Kokoda - Wau

Dudley McCarthy (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Civil  The Role of Science  &  Industry

D P  Mellor ( AWM )

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Civil  War Economy   1939 -42

S J Butlin (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Civil  War Economy   1942 - 45

SJ Butlin, CB Schedvin (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Civil The Govt & People   1939 - 41

Paul Hasluck (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Civil The Govt & People   1942 - 45

Paul Hasluck (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Medical Clinical Problems, A M S Women

Allan S Walker (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Medical Island Campaigns

Allan S Walker (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45  Medical Mid East, Far East

Allan S Walker (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45 Air  War over Europe 1944 - 45

Douglas Gillison (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45 Air War against Germany, Italy 1939 - 43

John Herington     (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45 Navy  Vol l   1939 - 42

Hermon Gill (AWM)

Australia in the War  1939 - 45 Navy  Vol ll   1942 - 45

Hermon Gill (AWM)

Australia Through Time 2004 Edition

Loretta Barnard

Australian Army Journal Vol II no. 2


Australian Army Journal Vol III no.1


Australian Flags

C  of  A  publication

Australian Memories

Murdoch Books

Australian Military Forces - Unit and Formation Listing WWII

Mostly Unsung Military History

Australian Military Uniforms

Monty Webb

Australian Prime Ministers

Mitchelle Grattan

australian Proisoners of War


Australian War Classics

Lawson  Glassop, C Wilmont  etc

Australian War Memorial  Guide  Book

A  W  M

Australian War Photographs.

Cpt. Geo H Wilkins M.C.

Australian Women and War

Melanie Oppenheimer

Australians ar War - Prisionars of War

Time Life Books

Australians at War

Peter Cochrane

Australians at War - A Pictorial History

A K Macdougal

Australians at War - Gallipoli  One Long Grave

Kit Denton

Australians at War - The Australian Light Horse

Ian Jones

Australians at War - Vietnam The Aust Experience

John Rowe

Australians at War - War Against Japan 1941-1942

Charlton, Peter

Australians at War -1


Australians at War -2


Australians Awarded

Clive Joknson

Australians in the Pacific - Aitape-Wewak


Australians in the Pacific - Australia's Home defence


Australians in the Pacific - Bouganville


Australians in the Pacific - Burma And India


Australians in the Pacific - New Britain


Australians in the Pacific - Royal Australian Air Force


Australians in the Pacific - Royal australian Navy


Australians in the Pacific - The Huon Peninsula


Australians in the Pacific - The Japanese Advance


Australians in the Pacific - The Markham and Ramu Valleys


Australians in the Pacific - Victory in the Pacific


Australia's Boer War South Africa 1899 - 1902

Craig  Wilcox

Australia's Defence

T B Millar

Australia's Home Defence


Australia's Participation in Peacekeeping

Parliament of Australia

Australia's Pearl Harbour- Darwin 1942 War

Douglas Lockwood

AWAS Women Making History

AWAS Lae Conginent


Peter Elstob

Battle od Britain

Leonard Mosley

Battle of the Beachheads  1942-43  Buna, Gona, Sanananda


Battle of the Ruhr Pocket

Charles Whiting

Battleground South Pacific

Adams , Howlett




Antony  Preston

Before  Kampuchea  - Preludes  to  Tragedy

Milton  Osborne

Behind Bamboo

Rohan Rivett   War Corresp, POW

Betrayal at Pearl Harbour

James Rusbridger & Eric Nave

Beyond the Call

Moya Sayer-Jones

Beyond the Chindwin

Bernard Fergusson

Bill Harney's War WWl

John Thompson   for  ABC

Bill Newton V.C.

Mark Weate

Black Sunday

Thomas Harris

Blitz over Britain

Edwin Webb & John Duncan


Len Deighton

Blood  on  Borneo

Jack  Wong  Sue

Blood and Iron - Kokoda Campaign

Lex McAulay

Blood on Borneo

Jack Wong Sue


Wayne  Sam Brown  M M

Blue Man Falling

Frank Barnard

Bluey Truscott

Ivan Southall

Bluey Truscott


Bluey's War

Herb Hamlet


Len Deighton

Bomber Offensive

Noble Frankland

Borneo 1942 - 1945


Bougainville 1942-1945



Robert Macklin

Britain's Modern Army


British Military Uniforms

W.Y. Carman

Brood of the Eagle

MacDonnell, JE

Bullets Beans and Bandages

Gary McKay

Burma and India


Caesar's Ghost

Robyn Arvier

Carve Her Name with Pride

R J Minney


C S Milligan & J C F Foley

Charles Kingsford Smith

Peter Fitzsimons

Cheshire  VC

Russell Braddon


Robert Mason


Richard Rhodes James

Churchill's War


Clandestine Warefare

James Ladd & Keith Melton


Len Cacutt

Combat Aircraft  since 1945

Stewart  Wilson


Durnford-Slater Brig

Commando Force

Kenneth Macksey

Commando White Diamond

Don Astill

Contact. Australians in Vietnam

Lex McAulay

Coral Sea, Midway end Submarine Actions

Samual E Morison

Corps Commander

General Sir Brian Horrocks

Corsair Aces of WWII

Osprey Aviation

Cosgrove Portrait of a Leader

Patrick Lindsay


Peter Haran, Robert Kearney

Cry in the Wilderness

Jean  R  Williams

Customs of the RAAF

DCAS Sponsor

Darkest Hour

Bruce Gamble

Darwin 1942

Timothy Hall

Daughter of Australia - Life Story of Nina Finn

James Rorrison

Day of Infamy - Tora, Tora, Tora.

Lord, Walter

Deeds that Made the A I F

James  Holledge

Defeat into Victory

Field Marshal Viscount Slim

Defence Force Open Day


Defending the West

Winston Churchill

Delta Four

Gary Mckay

Desert Rats

John Parker

Desert Warfare

Bryan Perrett

Design and Development of Fighting Vehicles

R M Ogorkiewicz

Devon and Exeter in the Civil War

Eugene A Andriette

Die Like the Carp - Cowra POW Breakout

Harry Gordon

Diggers - From 6 June 1944 to 1994

George Odgers

Diggers Army, Navy, Air Force

George Odgers

Diggers From 1860 to 5 June 1944

George Odgers

Diggers in France

Richard Travers

Diving Stations

Peter Dornan


Richard Collier

Dusty and Man Shy

Frank Dalby Davidson

Duty and Determination

Dr Bob Goodwin & Alison Ransome

Duty First

David Horner & Jean Bou

Duty First The R A R  in war and peace

David Horner - Editor

East Timor

Ross Bird

Eichmann - The Savage Truth

Comer Clarke

El Tigre

Peter Stone

Emergency  &  Confrontation

Peter Dennis, Jeffrey Grey


J Boylan, P Aughton, etc

Encounters - R.D. Combo  (4 titles)

G Jones, B Bryson, etc

Encounters - R.D. Combo  (4 titles)

C Moon, K Golski, etc

Encyclopedia of Infantry Weapons W W  I I

Ian  V  Hogg

Enemies Within

Mary Louise O'Callaghan

English Saga  (1840 - 1940 )

Bryant, Arthur

Equal to the Task

Neville Lindsay

Escape, 1000 miles to freedom.

M  Murray

Events that shaped Australia

Wendy Lewis, simon Balderstone, John Bowan



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