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Famous Bombers of World War Vols 1 & 2

William Green

Fear Drive my Feet

Peter Ryan

Fido and Friends

Daniel  Hart

Field Guide to the Kokoda Track

Bill James

Field Service Pocker Book 1938

The War Office

Field Service Regulations  Vol 1  1930

War Office

Fifteen Stories

Henry Lawson Colin Roderick

Fifty Amazing Stories of the Great War

Odhams Press


Len Deighton

Fighter Pilot

Paul Richley DFC

fighting Men of World War II Axis Forces

David Miller

Fighting Scared

Robin Horsfall

Fighting Ships

Hugh Cowin

Fighting them on the Beaches

Nigel Cawthorne

Fighting Under The Sea

Cpt Donald Macintyre DSO DSC

Five Chimneys

Lengyel, Olga

Fleet Destroyer

MacDonnell, Petty Officer JE

Flying Colours

Laddie Lucas

Flying Sand

Peter Nordon

Flying Stations

Aust. Naval Aviation Museum

For Hearths and Homes

Craig Wilcox

For Queen and Country

Timr Life

Forces 85 - Falklands Aftermath

Mark Dartford   Editor

Forces '86

Mark Dartford   Editor

Forces '87

Mark Dartford   Editor

Forgotten  Australians

Senate  Committee


Joan Starr, Christopher Sweeney


Joan Starr, Christopher Sweeney

Fragments from France

Bruce Bairnsfather

From Hell to Breakfast

Carl Olsson

From the Frontier

Duncan Waterson,Maurice French

From the Saddle Bags at  War

Joan  Starr

Fromelles & the Somme 1916

D V A  Publication

Front Line  Dispatches - Aust at War 1845 - 1972

Nick van Oudtshoorn   Ed

Full Circle

J E Johnson

Gaiiipoli -  A  Battlefield  Guide

Phil Taylor & Pam Cupper


Alan Morrehead


Les Carlyon

Gallipoli   1915

Tim Travers

Gallipoli - Last Man Standing

Jonathan King

Gallipoli - The Turkish Story

Kevin Fewster, Vecihi Basarin, Hative Basarin

Gallipoli - Untold Stories from War correspondent Charles Bean

Jonathan King & Michael Bowers

Gallipoli 1915

Tim Travers   Prof  Hist Calgary

Gallipoli 1915

Richard Reid

Gallipoli and Middle East 1915- 18

A K  Macdougall

Gallipoli Diaries

Jonathon  King

Gallipoli Sniper

John Hammilton

Gallipoli The Fatal Shore

Harvey  Broadbent

Gallipoli-One Long Grave

Time Life

Game to the Last

James  Hurst

General Patton

Stanley P Hirshson

General Peter Corgrove - My Story

General Peter Corgrove

General Vassey's War

David Horner

German Aircraft of WWII

Kenneth Munson

German Night Fighters of WWII

Osprey Aviation

Ghost Soldiers

Hampton Sides

Giant Book of WW l  Stories

Jon Lewis

Gideon Goes to War

Leonard Mosley

Girls with Grit

Jean Scot

Glass Houses - Paper Men

Lawrens Adair

Gona's gone

Peter Brune

Goodbye  Cobber,  GOD  Bless  You .

John  Hamilton

Goodbye Dolly Gray

Rayne Kruger

Graduation List of Officers of the Aust Military Forces vol 1


Graduation List of Officers of the Aust Military Forces vol 2


Great Battles of the British Army

Low, Charles Rathbone

Great Battles of the Vietnam War

Tom Carhart

Greece and Crete


Green Armour

Osmar White     War Corresp

Gubbins & SOE

Peter Wilkinson & Joan Bright Astley

Gubbins & SOE

Peter Wilkinson & Joan Bright Astley

Guns in the Sky

Chaz Bowyer

Gunyah, Grit & Gantry

Jim Burke

H M A S Mk lV 1945

Aust War Memorial

He Came from Australia

Yves Fohlen

He who drinks the waters of the Nile Shall return

Peter  Poulos

Healing the wounds



Cameron Forbes


Ed Macy

Heroes Before Gallipoli

Kevin Meade

Heroes have Wings

Peter Firkins

Heroes of the RAF

Leonard R Gribble

Historic Naval Events of Aust Day by Day

Lew Lind

History of Changi The

Henry Probert

History of the First World War Vols 1 to 8


History of the Second World War Vols 1-8

Purnell & Sons

History of World Seapower

Bernard  Brett

History of World War  ll

Taylor, AJP

History of World War II vol 1

Orbis Publication

History of World War ll

Ivor Matanle


Alan Wykes

Hitler Military Commander

Rupert Matthews

Hitler's Grey Wolves

Lawrence Paterson

Hitler's Raid to Save Mussolini

Greg Annu8ssek

Hitler's Spies

David Kahn

HMAS  1942

Aust War Memorial

HMAS Mk ll 1943

Aust War Memorial

HMAS Mk lll 1944

Aust War Memorial

HMAS Murchison

Robert  E  Capes


Australian War Memorial

Horrible Stories

Terry Deary

How did it Really Happen

Readers Digest

How Weapons Work

Christopher  Chant

Hurlet at War

frank Hurley

Hurricanes to the Fore - The firse aces

Osprey Aviation

I Didn't Know That

Vera Radley

I Was There -  Book 1


Illistrated story of World War II

Readers Digest

Illusrtated Catalog

T & E (Surgical)

Immediate Action

Andy McNab   DCM   MM

Immediate Response

Mark Hammond

Imperial Japanese Navy Aces of WWII

Osprey Aviation

In Flanders Fields

Leon Wolf

In Harm's  Way

Doug  Stanton

In The ANZAC Spirit

Lt Col Brian Avery

In the Combat Zone

Robin Neillands

In the Company of Heroes

M J Durant & S Hartov

Infantry Aces

Franz Kurowski

Infantry Uniforms

R  &  C   Wilkinson - Latham

Into the Smother

Ray Parkin

Invasion - The German Invasion of England.

Kenneth Macksey

Invasion 1940

Peter Flemming

Invasion! The D-Day Story

John St John Cooper

Ipswich Remembers

Buchanan, Robyn

Iron Coffins

Werner, Herbert A

Its not About The War

Richard Ingelido

Jane's Fighting Ships of WWI

Jonh Moore RN

Japan e buggerup pinis

Kenneth J Evans

Journal of the Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial

Journeys into Night

Don chaarlwood


Malcolm Mackintosh

Jungle Warfare  1944

Aust War Memorial

Jungle Warfare - With Australian Army in SW Pacific

Australian War Memorial

Jungle Warfare - With Australian Army in SW Pacific

Australian War Memorial

Jungle Warfare 1944

Aust War Memorial

Junkers over the Mediterranean

Osprey Aviation

Just  Soldiers

Darryl  Kelly

Just Soldiers

Darryl Kelly

Just Wanted to be There


Keep Smiling Through

Briggs, Susan

Khaki and Green 1943

Aust War Memorial


Barclay, Edmund

Kill the Tiger

Peter Thompson & Robert Macklin

King Rat

James Clavell

Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major

Martin Page


Philip Magnus


Philip Magnus


Peter  Fitzsimons

Kokoda 1942


Kokoda Aust &  Jap Perspectives

Paul  Ham

Korea Remembered

Maurie Pears  &  Fred Kirkland

Laden Fevered Starved


Laden, Fevered, Starved



M Garbett & B Goulding

Last Out 4 RAR / NZ (ANZAC)   2nd tour  Vietnam   1971

Jerry Taylor

Legacy - The first Fifty Years

Mark lyons

Legend of the Light Horse

Ian Jones

Legendary  War  Movies

Peter  Guttmacher


Jacques Weygand

Lesson of a lifetime

Mike  Goodwin     Ed

Lest We Forget

P Seculess, J Rees

Let Enemies Beware

Ron Austin

Letters from Revolutionary France

Watkin Tench

Life  on  the  Home  Front

Readers  Digest  Assn

Life of an Irish Soldier

Godley, General Sir Alexander


Thomas Keneally

Linguists  in  Uniform

Colin  Funch

Lone Evader

Ted Coats

Long Service  & Other Non- Op Medals Awarded to ADF    2 copies

Ron Horton  (D o D)

Long Tan and Beyond

Lt Col Charles S Mollison

Lost Anzacs - The Story of Two Brothers

Kerr, Greg

Love War & Letters

Alan Hooper

Lower than Low

Tom simpson

Making the Australian Defence Force

David Horner

Making Waves

Alun Evans

Malta   The Thorn in Rommel's Side.

Laddie Lucas   Spitfire Sqn  C.O.

Malta Convoy

Shankland and Hunter

Maneuver Warfare

Richard D Hooker Jr

Manual for Map Reading Part 1 1955

The War Office

Manual of Map Reading Air Photo Reading & Field Sketching


Mates and Memories

Dr Bob Goodwin

ME 109


Medical Services of the RAN &RAAF 1939-45

Allan S Walker

Memoirs of the Brave

Gibson, James

Memories of Vietnam

Kenneth Maddock

Men of Courage

Allan W Draydon

Menace - The Life and Death of the Tirpitz

Kennedy, Ludovic

Middle East 1939-43

E G Keogh

Middle East 1939-43

Cl E G Keogh MBE ED

Middleton V.C.

Stuart Bill

Mighty Midgets

John Moyes

Military   Transport   of   W W  I I

Chris  Ellis

Military Uniforms of Btitain & The Empire      Pub  1960

MAJ   R. Money Barnes

Milne Bay

Clive Baker & Greg Knight

Milne Bay   1942    Narrative  15 pages,  Photos  36 pages  Pub:DVA 2002


Milne Bay 1942

Clive Baker & Greg Knight

Minefields  and Miniskirts

Siobhan McHugh

Mini World Factfile

RD Press (Aust)

Miracle on the River Kwai

Ernest Gordon

Miricle on the River Kwai

Ernest Gordon

Mission in Vietnam   4RAR/ NZ (Anzac) Bn & 104 Field Battery

Members of the units

Modern  Rifles Shotguns Pistols

Ivan  V  Hogg

Modern Elete Forces


Modern Land Combat

D Miller,  C Foss

Modern Military Towards 2000

Time Life

Modern Small Arms

Maj. Frederick Myatt

Monash The outsider who won a war    Biograp

Roland Perry


Alan Morrehead


Nigel Hamilton

Mr Double Seven

George Odgers

Mud and Blood

Pat Share

Mud and Dust

Michael K Cecil


Stewart  Wilson

Muzzle Blast

Unit History Committee

My Vietnam

Stephen Lewis


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