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BOOK TITLES - T (part) to Y



The Giant Book of World War 1 Stories

Jon E Lewis

The Golden Years

Dept of Air

The Government and the People 1942-45

Paul Hasluck

The Great Mutiny - India 1857

Christopher Hibbert

The Great War

Barnett, Correlli

The Great War

Les Carlyon

The Great War

Les Carlyon

The Great War   I Was There  - Vol  I   4 Aug 1914 - I Jul 1916

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The Great War   I Was There  - Vol  II  4 Jul 1916 - 22 Oct 1917

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The Great War   I Was There  - Vol III  25 Oct 1917 - 11 Nov 1918 and a

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The Great War - Vol VI


The Great War 1914 - 1918

Terraine, John

The Great World War Part VI

Gresham Publishing Co

The Grey Eight in Vietnam  8 RAR   1969 - 1970

Editor: MAJ  A. Clunies - Ross

The Guinness Book of Air Warfare

Robert Jackson

The Guinness Book of Decisive Battles

Geoffrey Regan

The Guns of Muschu

Don Dennis

The Hardest Victory

Denis Richards

The Heroes

Ronald McKia

The Hidden Enemy

Lloyd, V H

The History of the Great European War  Vol  Vl        WW  ll


The History of the Great European War  Vol  Vlll       WW  ll


The History of the Vietnam War

Douglas Welsh

The Huon Peninsula


The Illistrated History of Airforces of WWI and WWII

Chris Chant

The Illustrated  Enclyclopedia  of  World  Firearms

Ivan  V  Hogg

The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War

Chris McNab & Andy Wiest

The Islands Campaigns - Medical WWII

Allan S Walker

The Japanese Advance - 1942-1942


The Jungle is Neutral

F Spencer Chapman DSO

The Knights of Bushido

Russell, Lord of Liverpool

The Korean War


The Lagend of the Light Horse

Ian Jones

The Last Days of Hitler

Anton Joachimsthaler

The Last Man  Standing

Peter  Dornan

The Last Plane Out of Berlin - Sidney Cotton

Jeffrey  Watson

The Last Voyage of the Lusitania

Hoehling, AA and M

The Legendary Spitfire Mark 1/2

Osprey Aviation

The Legendary Spitfire Mk I/II

Oaprey Aviation

The Liners  A  Voyage  of  Discovery

Rob  Mc Auley

The Long Road North

Alex Tanner

The Longest Mile

Pam Barlow

The Mad Galahs

George Mansford

The Making of Israel's Army

Yigal Allon

The March of Communism

Ian Beckett  Editor

The Markham and Ramu Valleys


The Men of the Burma Road

Yee, Chiang

The Men-of War


The Military Atlas  of  W W   I I

Chris  Bishop

The Military History of World War II

Barrie Pitt -Consultant Editor

The Miracle of Dunkirk

Walter Lord

The Missing Years

Stu Lloyd

The Modern US War Machine

Ray bonds

The Moreton Bay Coutier and The Courier Mail

Portside Editions

The Naked Island

Russell Braddon

The Naked Sum

Russell Brandon

The Name's Still Charlie

Olwyn Green

The Navy

T K Butcher

The Normandy Landings

Derek Blizard

The One That Got Away

Burt, Kendal & Leasor, James

The one that Got Away

Chris Ryan

The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History

P.Dennis,J.Grey, E.Morris,R.Prior

The Pacjfic War Companion

Several   Daniel  Marston  Ed

The Part-Timers

Doug Hurst

The Path of Infinite Sorrow

C Collie & H Marutani

The Pearl Harbour Story

William Rice USRN

The Picture Story of World War II


The Pictures Tell the Story

Winton  Irvingi

The Politics of War

David Day

The Price of Glory

Horne, Alistair

The Quiet Man

Sir Neville McNamara

The RAAF in Vietnam

Chris Coulthard-Clark

The RAAF POWs of Lamsdorf  -  Life in German camp

Holliday, JE (Editor)

The Rape of Nanking

Iris Chang

The Rats of New Guinea -  A tale of Kokoda Track

Lawson Glassop

The Remington Historical Treasury of American Guns

Harold L Peterson

The Ridge and the River                               Novel

T. A. G.  Hungerford

the Rising Sun - WWII

Time Life

The River War

Winston S Churchill

The Royal Australian Air Force

George Odgers

The Royal Australian Airforce

Alan Stephens

The Royal Australian Navy


The Royal Tour 1953 - 54

Consolidated Press


Phillip Warner

The Sea Shall Not Have Them

John Harris

The Sea Wolves -  Territorial unit in steam barge - India

Leasor, James

The Second Front

Douglas Botting

The Second Great War Vol 9

Editor Sir Charles Gwynn

The Second World War


The Second Year of War in Pictures  WW  ll

Odhams Press

The Secret of Santa Vittoria -  Italian villagers  v  German officer

Robert Crichton

The Shepherd

Frederick Forsyth

The Shetland Bus

David Howarth

The Ship that Changed the World

van der Vat, Dan

The Siege of Lenningrad

David m Glantz

The Silent Srevice

Jones & Idriess

The Sixth Year of War in Pictures -  WW  ll

Odhams Press

The Sky's the Limit

Spaight, JM

The South West Pacific 1941-4

e g Keogh

The Spirit of Kokoda

Patrick Lindsay

The Spirit of the Digger

Patric Lindsay

The Squadrons of the Royal Air Force

Halley, James J

The Story of 42nd Aust Inf Bn

S  E  Benson

The Story of ANZAC Vols 1,2,4,5,6,11

C E W Bean

The Suvla Bay Landing

Hargrave, John

The Tank

Douglas Orgill

The Team - AATTV  1962 - 1972

Ian McNeill

The Team in Vietnam

Vic  Pennington     Compiler

The Tears of the Tiger

Christie  Dickason

The Terrible  Hours

Peter  Maas

The Third Year of War in Pictures -  WW  ll

Odhams Press

The Tunnels of Cuchi

Tom Mangold & John Penycate

The Twenty Thousand Thieves

Eric Lambert

The Unknown  War    Russia  v  Germany    W W  I I

Harrison  E  Salisbury

The Unknown Shore - Novel set in the days of Sailing Ships

Patrick O' Brian

The Vietnam Experience - Passing the torch

Boston Publishing Co

The Vietnam Experience - Raising the Stakes

Boston Publishing Co

The Vietnam War Experience

Gerry & Janet Souter

The Vietnam Years

Michael Caulfield

The Vung Tau Ferry

Rodney Nott & Noel Payne

The War Diaries of Weary Donlop

E E Dunlop

The War Illustrated - Book 1   Sep 1939 - Jul 1940       WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 2   Jul 1940 - Jan 1941      WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 2A   Jan 1940 - Jun 1940     WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 3   Jan 1941 - Aug 1941     WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 4   Jun 1941 - Feb 1942     WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 5   Mar 1942 - Dec 1942   WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 6    Jan 1943 - Dec 1943   WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 7 -  Feb 1944 - Dec 1944   WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War Illustrated - Book 8 - Jan 1945 - Sep 1945    WW  ll

Sir John Hammerton  Editor

The War in Cambodia 1970 - 75

Ken Conboy    Ken  Bowra

The War Service of Cpl Francis W Hayes

Robert Hayes

The Way Back

Vincent Brome

The Western Front Diaries

Jonathan King

The White Cliffs

Alice Duer Miller

The Wild Green Earth - Burma  WW II  -

Bernard Fergusson

The World Almanac of the Vietnam War

John S Bowman

The World at Arms - WW   I I

Readers  Digest  Assn

The World at War

Arnold-Forster, Mark

The World at War

Readers Digest

The World 's  Armoured  Fighting  Vehicles

Dr  F M von Senger & Etterlin

The World War I Album

Ross Burns

The World War II Collection


the world War II Reader

W Manchter ans others

The World War Reader

World War Magazine

The World's Greatest Aircraft

Christopher Grant & Michael J H Taylor

The World's Warships

Blackman, Raymond VB

Their Finest Hour

Edward Bishop

Their Finest Hour - The Story of the Battle of Britain 1940

Edward Bishop

Their Name Liveth

Imp   War  Graves  Comm

These are Facts

Sir Richard Williams, KBE, CB, DSO

They Shall Not Pass Unseen

Ivan Southall

This was Singapore

McKie, R C H

Those Ragged Bloody Heroes

Peter Burne

Three Passions and a Lucky Penny

Eric Stephenson

Three Times Lucky

Jack Woodward

Through Enemy Eyes

Dave Sabben

Through Mud and Blood

Stewart Coppock

Through My Eyes

Brian O'Grady

Tiger Force

Michael Sallah

Tiger Men

Barry Petersen with John Cribbin

Time Goes To War  -  Americans in Battle  - WW  II  to  War  on  Ter

Kelly  Knauer  Ed

Time Will Tell

R S  Melloy

To Find a Parth

James Sinclair

To Kokoda & Beyond

Victor Austin

To Long Tan

Ian McNeill

To Sydney by Stealth

Hugh  Clarke, Takeo Yamashita

To the Bitter End

Lex McAulay

To the Death's Head

Andrew Mollo

To the Death's Head

Andrew Mollo

To Villers-Bretonneux

Brig Gen Wiliam Glasgow DSO


Peter  Fitzsimons

Tobruk  1941 - War classic  348 pages

Chester Wilmot

Top Gun

Andy Lightbody, Joe Poyer

Townsville at War

Darryl McIntyre

Traitors' Gate

Catherine Gavin

True History of the Kelly Gang

Peter carey

True History of the Kelly Gang

Peter Carey

True War Stories

Jon E Lewis


John & Carol Beasy

Turning the Tide

Nigel Cawthorne

Twelve in Focus

Maj G F B Rickards

Twentieth Century Battlefields

Peter & Dan Snow

U-Boat 977

Heinz Schaeffer

Up Top

Jeffrey Grey

Victory 1945 War and Peace

Alan Fitzgerald

Victory in Europe

Gerard Simons

Victory in the Pacific


Victory Roll   1945

Aust War Memorial

Victory Roll - The RAAF at War

Australian War Memorial

Vietman Voices

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Vietnam - A War Lost and Won

Nigel Cawthorne

Vietnam - our  war -  our  peace

D V A  Publication

Vietnam - Pictorial  History  of   6 R A R       1st  Tour

Capt  Iain  McLean   &  others

Vietnam  Remembered

Gregory  Pemberton   Ed

Vietnam - The Australian War

Paul Ham

Vietnam - The War in the Air

Rene J Francillon

Vietnam Australia's Ten Year War

Richard Pelvin

Vietnam ground Zero

Eric Helm

Vietnam Task 5th Battalion RAR  1966/ 67

Robert J O'Neill

Vietnam Veterans  A Record of Service

Alexander Palmer

Vietnam Veterans  Honours and Awards  Army

Alexander Palmer

Voices of War

Michael Caulfield

Voluntary Ais Detatchments in Peace and War

Rupert Goodman

Waffen SS

John Keegan

War against Japan 1942-1945

Time Life

War Agaunst Japan 1941-1942

Time Life

War Game

Anthony Price

War Graves


War in the Desert

Richard Collier

War Machines - Set of 12 binders

Orbis Publications

War Planes Vols 1 - 5


War Stories

Alistair MacLean et al

War Without Glory

John Balfe

Warden to Tanager RAAF  ops in East Timor 1999

David Wilson


Lt Col. George A Larson

Warrior of Kokoda

Bill Edgar

Warriors at Suez

Donald Neff

Wars of the 20th Century

David Schermer, Ronald Heiferman, S L Mayer



Wartime Magazxine

Australian War Memorial

Wartime Recollections

Matthew Byrnes

Wau Salamaua   1942-43    Narrative  18 pp,  Photos  46 pp Pub:DVA 2003


We Serve

G M McAdam, B L Kelly

We were soldiers Once…And Young

Moore H G (Lt Gen) & Galloway J L

We Were The Rats

Lawson Glassop    War Corresp

Weary - The life of Sir Edward Dunlop

Sue Ebury

Well Done Those Men

Barry Heard

We're off to see the Wizard

Memoirs of J V Heelan

Where Fate Calls

Tom Frame

Who Was Who in World War II

John Keegan

Wipers (First Battle of Ypres)  -

Carew, Tim

With A Machine Gun to Cambrai

George Coppard

With Blood and Iron

Douglas Reeman

With the Australians in Korea

Norman Bartlett    (AWM)

Wobbly Boots

Jim Burke

World Atlas

Reiders Digest

World War - 1914 - 18  Volume  l


World War - 1914 - 18  Volume  ll

H P Willmott , Robin  Cross  etc

World War  II  War  Crimes  &  Espionage

Karen  Farrington

World War II

Willmott, Cross & Messinger

World War II - 50th anniversary of the allied victory

Ivor Matanle

World War l

Everett, Susanne

Wreck of the Sydney Cove

Max  Jeffreys

Young Wilston's war

Frederick Woods

You're Leaving Tomorrow

Malcolm Brown, Stuatr MacGladrie & Candace Sutton



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