The Letter from Princess Elizabeth

Harry had always had a great respect for the Royal family and, on 1 November 1948, he sent his VC Medal to Princess Elizabeth as a gift to her as yet unborn son. Charles was born just two weeks later on 14 November.

As is clear from the very moving letter below, Princess Elizabeth felt that she was unable to accept the medal and returned it to Harry on 5 January 1949.


From his son, David Dalziel:

Harry spent most of his early life on the Atherton Tableland, particularly from 1900 - 1915. He enlisted in 1915 and was thrust into the war in Gallipoli  and in Europe.

For FOUR YEARS more or less he was away from Atherton.

He was summoned to Buckingham Palace, December 1918 to meet King George V and to receive his Victoria Cross. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. He was just 25 then.

That made a huge impression on him so it is easy to understand how, 30 years later he would send his medal to Princess Elizabeth as a gift for her as yet unborn child.

Harry was a Career Soldier really. He was in a way still in uniform till the early 1940s. What he had to give was himself and the Victoria Cross.

He just gave the VC away really. He was like that.

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